Demanding business circumstances require
new approaches and flexible support!
Dynamic Business makes you different!

`Easy to Deal` implementation

The Dynamic Business implies business activities prepared and performed by MD Medicon in the field as well as in the front and back office – all that with flexible application, clearly defined objectives, contracting notice period, schedules and fees.
Time of operation is predictable and rational distributed as well as continuity after finishing the task.

Human resources

The Dynamic Business Task Force covers management, administrative services, development, marketing and sales staff.
We accompany your staff in reaching the best business results.
Our staff can also overtake the whole job!
You get highly communicative, leadership experienced, industry competent, creative, and alternatively thinking professionals.
Our team acts on behalf of the client – “wearing your business suit”.


Vienna is an intersection of cultural, business and political pathways.
From MD Medicon headquarter in Vienna are managed local, national and international operations.

Our clients and partners are welcome to use the infrastructure in the Palais des Beaux Arts that connects a historical building with the modern structures. Like the entire Vienna represents a meeting point of business and culture with embassies, offices and one museum.

Working at external locations or in our clients’ premises is also a matter of our daily routine.

Petra Reinbacher Gjukic training staff

In scope

Product launch
Strategic review
International expansion
Mergers and acquisitions
HR development

Medicon Paracelsus Center

Face to face we create bridges of confidence!


Unique representative office as an individual and interactive meeting place.
Shared infrastructure, while retaining individuality!
Client relationship
An active client relationship management of current as well as future clients.
A simple but tailor-made know-how.
Reduced cultural barriers and language differences.
Your Time
You gain time.

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it."

Albert Einstein


We are commissioned by authorities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and institutions to reinforce their own teams, or to act as an outsourced task force. Nationally and internationally.