Dr. Marijan Gjukić

From the private medical practice in Delnice to the Institute for Modern Health in Vienna!

Medical doctor with an experience as a manager/project developer in various fields and environments, especially in communication with emphasis on health, tourism and commerce.


A “holistic thinker” and solution-finder, manager with great communication skills and a branched out network of business partners, associates and various contacts in health, tourism and real estate branches, private and public funds, as well as in political arena in Austria, Germany, the Balkan countries and Switzerland.

MD with a long experience in his private practice involved in solving crisis situations, in prevention and in health education activities.

With strong motivation, well organised, and with an experience as a manager/project developer in various fields and environments, especially in real estate with emphasis on health, tourism and commerce.

More than 4 years of experience in managing and developing real estate projects in Croatia.

Skills and tasks

The establishing of new companies and branch offices, lobbying, forming contacts and negotiating with local authorities.

Private practice with a special interest in asthma, allergies and pain containment. Active in physiotherapy at home and preventive medical treatments for the elderly. Alternative medicine practice – acupuncture and chiropractic. Special skills and knowledge for acting in crises – involved in psychiatric care for refugees. Research and educational activities. Organisation of the first Asthma and allergy conference in Zagreb with the first teleconference in the field of medicine in Croatia. Founder of the Asthma and allergy patients association Asmal. Founder and editor of the Asmal journal, as well as the first web site for allergies in Croatia.

Acquiring building sites for shopping centres, coordinating and supervising urban planning processes, coordinating local and international architects and urban planners, coordinating the rent and sales activities for national and international retail companies.

Market research, placing new products on markets both home and abroad, registration, sales organisation, Creation of new sales activities, e-business.

Public relations, creating and publishing advertisement material, creating and publishing magazines and VHS media, seminar and conference organisation, radio and TV shows, field work and support of clients.

Important projects

Innovative and challenging

– Initiative “Health Benefit”, international
– Competition “Treasures of modern health”, international
– First public-private partnership in Croatia
– Study at the Rab senior center, Croatia
– Karlovac – project “The face of the city”, Croatia
– Project for establishing the allergy diagnostic and therapy status in Croatia
– Development of a concept for health tourism for allergic diseases in Veli Lošinj, Croatia
– Consultation and development of a new medical device for Iskra-Medical, Ljubljana, Slovenia
– Coordination of the laboratory work and clinical research in the development of a new device for magnetotherapy for RAI in Rijeka, Croatia
– Consultant in developing software for general practitioners in Zagreb


Active and past

– Austrian Society for Care and Case Management, Austria
– Member of the board of the Reference Center for Gerontology at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia
– Associate member of UEHP – European Union of Private Hospitals, Belgium
– President of the Association “Asmal”, Croatia
– Member of the Board of the Croatian Society of Medical Tourism
– Croatian Society for Ecological Medicine
– Croatian Medical Chamber
– Croatian Society for Acupuncture
– Club Tourism, Austria
– Peace fleet “Salzburg”, Austria

Conferences, incentives, events and meetings

Organiser, moderator, lecturer

– Organizer and scientific director: “Brussels Medicon Forum”, European Parliament, Brussels
– Organizer: “1. , 2. and 3. Convention Health Benefit”, Hofburg Palace, Vienna
– Organizer: “Pathways to Success for Healthcare provider”, Federal Ministry of Health, Vienna
– Moderator and Lecturer: “Quo vadis Health Tourism Croatia?”, European parliamentarians Study Days, Dubrovnik
– Moderator: “Drivers for Investment in Medicine and Social Affairs”, Vienna
– Organizer of the first international congress for asthma and allergy, Zagreb, Croatia
– Implementation of the first telemedicine conference in Croatia
– Lecturer: 6th Annual Conference for Excellence in Hospital Management, Vienna
– Lecturer: 4th Annual Travel Insurance Forum, Prag
– Lecturer: UEHP Councils – European Union of Private Hospitals: Brussels, Monaco, Athens, Rome


Promoting Health

– Private practice with a special interest in asthma, allergies and pain treatment
– Recognized certifier for medical facilities in health tourism
– Active in home-based physiotherapy and preventive medical treatments for the elderly
– Alternative medicine practice – acupuncture and chiropractic
– Psychiatric and psychological education for acting in crisis situations
– Founder of “ASMAL – Patients Association”
– Founder and editor of the “Asmal“ journal, as well as the first website for allergies in Croatia
– Producer and publisher of the videotape „Back without pain”
– Founder of the first Croatian 24-hour care for travelers