You are here because a possibility alone does not mean success!

Range of services

From introducing efficiencies in internal business operations, to exploring new opportunities in external markets, everything can fit under the business development umbrella.
Every business development is oriented towards the long term but our branding, networking, negotiations, partnerships are immediately available to you.
If “ready-madesolutions are out of the question, we develop your own and unique one!

Competitive position

We put you in a competitive position by hearing and listening to your customers, watching your competitors, avoiding their mistakes and learning from their successes.

Cash flow

An objective estimation of the cost areas and possible options of cost-savings, the avoidance of pitfalls with loans and bookkeeping as well as the investigation of new sources of revenue lie in our area of responsibility.


Business development activities extend across different departments, including sales, marketing, project management, product management and vendor management.

Due to the wide open scope of business development and activities, there are no standard practices and principles.

The most important financial indicator is the cash flow statement!

Those who want to stay among the winners,
need the strong trust of their customers as well as
remaining attractive for partners and employees!


So many entrepreneurs are so busy chasing new customers into their front doors, they can’t see the existing customers escaping out the back door.
Happy customers will always want to buy more from you.
We provide ready-made as well as customized tools and solutions to make your customers happy.




We offer specific experience in motivating and rewarding outstanding employees, as well as strategic solutions for employees who harm the company!


Converting knowledge into health and health into success!


We are there as an interim management during your annual vacation and illness-related absence.
Most entrepreneurs take too little time off. This is necessary to recharge yourself and to see how your business gets along without you.

MD Medicon Experts acting locally in Vienna,
nationally in Austria but also internationally!

Adaptive capacity

Working with us means sharing infrastructure by keeping individuality.
Available experts are capable for deep understanding and customization on the existing structure of your business.
You getting highly communicative, leadership experienced, industry competent, creative, and alternatively thinking professionals.
You gain time!

Easy to deal

Flexible application, clearly defined objectives, contracting notice period, schedules and fees.
Time of operation is predictable and rational distributed as well as continuity after finishing the task.


We bear full responsibility for all our tasks and functions – From the beginning of the integration into the company, which means, insight into confidential internals, through whole operation, until termination of service where dealings with competition must be considered!


Vienna is an intersection of cultural, business and political pathways. From MD Medicon headquarter in Vienna are managed local, national and international operations. Our clients and partners are welcome to use the infrastructure in the Palais des Beaux Arts that connects a historical building with the modern structures. Working at external locations or in our clients’ premises is also a matter of our daily routine.

“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.”

Albert Einstein


We are commissioned by authorities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and institutions to reinforce their own teams, or to act as an outsourced task force. Nationally and internationally.