Junior Week

For young people 18-28 years old who want to improve their position in the international labor market, learn and improve business communication based on the Austrian business tradition.

Talent Week

For employees of companies that strengthen their position in their own market and intensify communication with foreign partners and clients.

Senior Week

For people over 65 who need to capitalize on their experience in an international business environment.

Austrian Business & Lifestyle

This interactive week gives you practical relevant knowledge of the German-speaking society and essential expertise, key strategies and practical methodologies for successful engagement in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (D-A-CH).
You will learn German communication style and social affairs, society, etiquette. Knowledge about current trends in D-A-CH will bring you in a competitive position.

Insights & Exchange

Optimal combination of listening, joining the conversation and exercising; Interactive lectures, case studies, experience reports, reflection, group work, feedback, individual work, questions and answers, discussion.


German communication style
Communicating concepts, ideas and information in a way German-speaking people do understand.
Tips for a successful presentation for a German-speaking audience and goal-oriented argumentation.
Business Etiquette and German standards
Building Business
Business conversations and small talk
Selling styles and buying behavior
German-speaking people expectations and needs.


Providing detailed information and answers to concrete questions.
Active promotion of information and experiences exchange with other participants, and space for working and discussion.
Implementation of practical knowledge and identifying best practices.
Outlining valuable guidance for decision-making and risk assessment.

Learning success

You know to communicate effectively with German-speaking people and understand their thinking and behavior.
You recognize typical pitfalls in German culture and avoid common mistakes.
You understand German standards and values, needs and expectations better.
You take advantage of understanding the specifics of the society in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
You recognize your occasions and opportunities.
You get skills and hints and adjust the style of communication to the behavior of German-speaking people.

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