knowledge health success

Innovative and concrete

The Austrian MD Medicon Ltd. is a modern outsourcing and consulting company with a strong sense for traditional values!
Working with us means sharing infrastructure and human resources by keeping individuality.


Behind the MD Medicon founders are 30 years of experience in business innovations and development, optimization and management, from medicine and tourism to pharmaceutical industries and real estate.


Activities of MD Medicon are specifically tailored to the demands of the changing health care industry.
Demographic changes allow us to focus on tourism as well as on living and housing for elderly people.


The possibility alone doesn’t set up a business. Therefore, our vision is to convert knowledge into health and health into success.


Our membership in the international business network commits us to place our customers in a competitive and competent market position.

Our clients

We are commissioned by private persons, authorities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and institutions to reinforce their own teams, or to act as an outsourced task force. Since 30 years on-site, 25 years online!

Human resources

We accompany your team in reaching the best business results, but our staff can also overtake the whole job!
Our team covers management and development, marketing and sales, as well as administrative tasks.

We had the pleasure of working with them and the honor to work for them: