2nd Brussels Medicon Forum

The family doctors - treasures of modern health

“So, people need to realize that they can’t just wait and expect something just because they want it, but that they should make an effort to do it.”

MEP Ruža Tomašić


European Parliament

Altiero Spinelli building
Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Brussels


October 2020


Registration deadline:
20 April 2020

The forum focuses on the health needs and potential of the diaspora in cross-border healthcare.

Cross-border cooperation between family doctors as a hub for investment in health!


2nd Brussels Medicon Forum will indicate opportunities for applying new technologies for cross-border healthcare by accepting the health needs and potential of the diaspora.

Benefits for the participants

  • Your association with our initiative will only reinforce the positive image you’ve worked so hard to build.
  • Through your participation you gain a new scientific image.
  • The Brussels Medicon Forum promote health and allows your opinion to influence, and your presence turns into business connections.
  • Identifying typical pitfalls in communicating across the border.
  • Generate ideas for increasing efficiency of your resources.


Use the “hybrid society” to achieve an additional income for the family doctor.

  • Improving the working conditions of family doctors
  • Emphasizing the importance of a family physician in the community
  • Creating new sources of income for family doctors

Target Audience

  • First Line Managers and National Opinion Leaders in medicine, insurance, politics.
  • Young talents from medicine and insurance companies who want to gain a foothold in politics in the future.
  • Journalists and NGO leaders with experience in fields medicine, insurance.


  • Opening

  • Presentations and keynote speeches

  • „Linking-sessions“- incl. briefing participants and selection of the group leader

  • Consolidation of results

  • Panel discussion

  • “Open End” – Conclusions and proposal on guidelines for interdisciplinary communication


Linking Session has the objective to actively involve participants from various branches with primary health care as common denominator to create specific practical conclusions.
The forum focuses on opportunities for applying new technologies for cross-border health care.
The compiled results are collected, brought together and presented at the podium. The conclusion is a final plenary discussion, with recording open issues.

Forum background

The lack of doctors
Migration of doctors
Potential of the diaspora
New technologies
New products in tourism
Synergies between medicine and tourism

Due to enormous changes within the health system plus upcoming reductions of health insurance in regards to a wide range of services more and more people try to strengthen their health with private add-on services and healthy products. Consumers are ready to pay for services not paid or provided from health insurance.

Health-seeking people should better understand the benefits of various services and thus be more willing to accept this.
Family doctors manage the health of their patients. Does the tourism industry recognize and appreciate it?



Institut for Modern Health

Forum participation includes:
The Forum Accreditation for 1 (one) person valid one day includes access to the Linking Session in the European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli building, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels, Belgium.
Forum participation does not include:
Accommodation, travel expenses, cost of beverage and food out of EU parliament, as well as insurance of persons and personal belongings.
Registration Process:
Application per e-mail to be submitted at the latest by 20th April 2020.
Due to safety reasons all delegates must provide copy of identification document (passport or ID card) latest by 20th April 2020.
After receiving your application with a copy of the identification document, we will send your accreditation per e-mail.

Forum Management

MEP Ruža Tomašić, host

Croatian politician and member of the European Parliament. She worked on the suppression of drugs and of juvenile delinquency. During her political career, she was elected two times as a member of the Croatian Parliament while in 2013, 2014 and 2019 she was elected member of the European Parliament. She is a full member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries (PECH) and the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI).

Dr. Marijan Gjukić, scientific director

Founder of the Institute of Modern Health. A “holistic thinker” and solution-finder, manager with great communication skills and a branched-out network of business partners, associates and various contacts in health, tourism and real estate branches, private and public funds, as well as in political arena in Austria, Germany, the Balkan countries and Switzerland.

Petra Reinbacher, programm director

To escape burning of time and money of her clients she defined some business rules and pathways. So, she created Linking Session as her personal response to overcrowded communication channels and hyper-production of specialist events, a hybrid of symposium and workshop, direct, interactive, efficient, concrete, practice-oriented and especially doable!

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