Driving attention

Information on its own has no influence on decisions,
influence is affected via recommendation!

In today’s world, it is important to stand out from the competitors for the right reasons.

Promoting health is the Health Benefit research’s central motive. We have decided for a very simple implementation path.
Each survey participant can take part, voluntarily and free of charge, at the Study and the Prize Game “Tourism of the future – benefit for helath”: Enter Invitation number, fulfill survey and get the chance for one of 200 tickets for “Wiener Walzer Show”.
„Wiener Walzer Show“ is a full evening program on the first day of the 2nd Convention Health Benefit in Vienna, 09. 12. 2018.

Your association with our Campaign will only reinforce the positive image you’ve worked so hard to build.

Sometimes it`s the small things, that don’t really cost a lot of money, that you can do for your staff to keep the moral up!

A ticket as a gift binds to existing customers and generates recommendations!
A ticket as an invitation to new customers raises interest and creates trust!

The Invitations are free of charge and do not obligated to participate on the research or the prize game!

Anticipated for:

All business subjects, regardless of size and industry, who want to reinforce the Word of Mouth of their own customers.



You can order, free of charge up to 50 Health Benefit survey numbers.


  • Distributing invitations is no offer or any sales activity, which is extremely important for some markets.
  • The Invitations are free of charge and do not obligated neither you nor your clients to participate on the research or the prize game “Tourism of the future – benefit for helath” !
  • The invitations are gifts that allow you to address your customers and clients. You can request instructions according to General Data Protection Regulation which will be provided by our legal service.
  • Usage of the invitations as own WoM acceleration is possible even for professions with the most demanding compliance (doctors, lawyers, public notaries, pharmaceutical industry)


  • The invitations for the prize game must be activated online. In this regard each invitation has its own unique 6-digit number. Activation takes place after completion of the survey “Tourism of the future – benefit for helath”.
  • The invitations are NO tickets for the Viennese Waltz Show and NO accreditations for the Convention Health Benefit.
  • The Prize game winners will be informed according to the conditions of participation and receive an entrance ticket to the „Viennese Waltz Show“.